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Carports designed to your exact specifications, constructed with high-quality Australian Colorbond steel, and seamlessly integrated into your Perth property. Think about the convenience and added value it brings. 

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Types of Carports

Considering a carport for your Perth home? Did you know there are a few different types of carports? Below is a few of the more popular steel frame carports.

Open sided carports

open-sided carports seamlessly blend functionality and style, crafting a generous, well-ventilated parking area that elevates your property’s aesthetic. These are good for ventilation, allowing ideal air and light flow.

These carports:

  • Enhance the overall look of your property with minimal visual obstruction
  • Offer a versatile design that accommodates various vehicle sizes and types
  • Provide seamless integration, ideal for a smooth shift from shelter to home
  • Offer spacious parking, creating a generous, airy space for your vehicles

Open-sided carports are more than a practical solution for parking needs; they’re a visually appealing addition that resonates with your desire for belonging.

Attached carports

Attached to your home, these structures offer a perfect blend of convenience, style, and functionality, expertly maximising your property’s potential.

The attached design allows for seamless integration with your home’s existing structure, creating a cohesive look that enhances curb appeal. You can tailor your carport to match your home’s architectural style and color scheme perfectly.

This design maximises space efficiency by utilising the existing building for support.

Double Carport

A double carport accommodates two vehicles side by side. It’s a standout in carport design that perfectly melds carport dimensions and aesthetics. Here’s why it’s a wise choice:

  • It’s customisable to suit your unique taste and property style.
  • The dimensions cater to different vehicle sizes, ensuring ample space.
  • The choice of carport materials, like enduring Colorbond steel, guarantees longevity.
  • Its aesthetics can enhance your property’s appeal, adding significant value.

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The Carport Construction Process

From tailored design and planning to construction and installation, each step is vital and designed to bring your vision to life.


At the core of our carport construction lies the essential stage of guiding, where your vision transforms into a concrete plan through in-depth discussions on design, layout, and materials with our expert team. We guarantee a personalised approach in every step of the process, ensuring that you feel a part of our family.

  • Customising designs to reflect your style
  • Guiding through council approvals for a hassle-free experience
  • Setting a clear construction timeline for efficiency
  • Selecting premium materials for value addition


Diving into the design phase, we’ll work closely together to bring your envisioned carport to life, tailoring details to your preferences. We stay on top of carport design trends, ensuring your design features modern aesthetics and functional layouts.

With us, you’re not just getting a carport; you’re gaining a valuable addition to your home. We offer custom design options, allowing you to express your unique style while adding functionality to your space. And we haven’t forgotten our planet; we incorporate eco-friendly designs, aligning your vision with sustainable practices.

We’re perfectionists, passionate about what we do, ensuring every carport we design is a perfect blend of style, functionality, and sustainability. You belong here, with us, creating your ideal carport.

Planning & Approval

Before we can bring your dream carport to life, it’s important to understand that building and planning approvals may be necessary for its construction in Perth. Working through the council requirements should never be a challenging task. We’re here to streamline the approval process for you.

Understanding the council’s planning regulations is essential. Each shire in Perth has its unique policies and standards.

The permit timeline can vary. It’s our responsibility to ensure a smooth, speedy approval.

Building standards are adhered to, not just for compliance but also for your safety.

We’ll handle all necessary paperworkmeeting council requirements to make sure your project sails through the approval process.

Construction & Installation

Once you’ve navigated the approval process, we’ll get down to the business of constructing and installing your carport, guaranteeing that every step aligns with your vision. Our installation process is meticulously executed, with your design options brought to life with precision. We’ll talk you through maintenance tips, keeping your carport weather durable and attractive for years.

Cost considerations are transparent, with no hidden charges, ensuring a budget-friendly solution


We love creating stunning spaces you can enjoy for many years.


Why Choose Us to Install Your Carport

With our carport services, you’re not just getting a carport; you’re investing in quality construction, exceptional customer service, and high-grade materials. Additionally, you’re getting a carport that’s completely customisable to your needs and preferences.

Quality Construction

We use high-quality, durable materials like Australian Colorbond steel to guarantee your carport isn’t just functional, but also adds a stylish touch to your property. Our construction techniques prioritise:

  • Material options: We offer a range of materials, but our top pick is Australian Colorbond steel known for its durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Structural integrity: We make sure your carport stands strong against elements, offering long-term reliability.
  • Weather resistance: Our carports are designed to withstand the harsh Australian weather, providing excellent protection for your vehicle.
  • Installation process: We streamline the installation process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish.

Customer Service

Our customer service further sets us apart as the premier choice for carport installations in Perth. You’ll appreciate our personalised recommendations, tailored specifically to your needs, style, and property.

Our expert consultation ensures you select the perfect design, integrating seamlessly with your existing architecture. Worried about costs? We’ve got you covered with budget-friendly options that don’t compromise on quality or aesthetics.

We’re not just about talking the talk – we walk the walk with quick project completion, minimising disruption to your daily life.

High-Quality Materials

We use top-quality Australian Colorbond steel, a material renowned for its durability, longevity, and aesthetic appeal. This smart material selection guarantees that your carport doesn’t just look good; it stands up to the harsh Perth summer elements, providing functional benefits and durability for years to come.

The longevity advantages of our materials aren’t just about durability:

  • They increase your property’s value
  • They protect your vehicles effectively
  • They maintain their aesthetic appeal over time
  • They save you money on maintenance and replacements

Completely Customisable

You’re empowered to fully customise your carport design, ensuring it perfectly suits your style, complements your property’s architecture, and meets your unique needs.

We offer custom design options that are more than mere installations; they’re personalised solutions. Our designs are about you, reflecting your taste while adding functionality and value to your property.

Benefits of a Carport

Not only does it boost the value of your home, but it also offers a practical and versatile space tailored to your lifestyle.

Maximise living area

You’ll find that carports in Perth not only serve as a shelter for your vehicles but also cleverly maximise your living area, providing a versatile, covered space for an array of outdoor activities. Perfecting your outdoor entertainment has never been easier, with carports offering shade solutions for those hot summer days.

In addition, carports provide:

  • Property enhancement, adding significant value and functionality to your home.
  • Versatile spaces, acting as an extension of your living area.
  • Weather protection, shielding your vehicles from harsh elements.
  • Ideal shade solutions, offering a cool, comfortable space for relaxation or play.

In essence, a carport is more than just a car shelter – it’s an investment in your home, your lifestyle, and your peace of mind.

Energy Efficient

Did you know that carports are a fantastic energy-efficient solution, cutting down on your electricity costs compared to a traditional garage? Carports offer significant cost savings by providing natural ventilation, reducing the need for electric fans or air conditioning.

Their design options allow for excellent shade, curbing heat absorption and further lowering energy consumption. These energy efficiency benefits have a positive environmental impact, reducing your carbon footprint.

Maintenance is a breeze with design options that are easy to clean and repair, prolonging the life of your carport. So, let’s make a smart, eco-friendly choice by opting for a carport, enjoying the benefits of energy efficiency, and contributing to a healthier planet. Together, we can make a difference.

Adds Value to Your Home

Believe it or not, a well-designed carport can boost your home’s value by up to a whopping 15%! This isn’t just about home improvement; it’s about making a smart property investment. Plus, a carport enhances your outdoor lifestyle, offering a functional, aesthetically pleasing space for activities. 

Let’s break down how a carport adds value:

  • Home Improvement: It’s not just about looks; a carport improves functionality, too.
  • Property Investment: A carport is a cost-effective way to boost your property’s value.
  • Residential Aesthetics: A sleek carport can enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Protect Assets

When it comes to safeguarding your car, motorcycle, boat, or bike, a carport offers robust protection against Perth’s weather conditions – which can sometimes be harsh.

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