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New Affordable Metal Shed Design & Installation Services Perth Western Australia

Once you’ve settled on your new affordable steel shed design, submission approval and design approval from your local government, we’ll consult with you about your choice of Colorbond colour steel shed sheet profile. After that, the exact location of where you want your new metal shed to be built in Perth Western Australia. Next is the delivery of new shed parts and materials, many of which have been prefabricated off-site at Perth shed factories to reduce disruption to your shed site location.

New shed construction services Perth Western Australia.
New shed construction services Perth Western Australia.

Pre-engineered steel sheds are 100% made in Perth and distributed Western Australia wide at affordable prices.

If you are looking for a well-designed quality steel shed of any size, we believe our buy and build shed package is the starting point with only the finest commercial-grade Australian made prime steel panels with a profile best for your needs. Our professional engineers design the most durable steel sheds and garages in Perth.

Home Improvement Packages Perth garages and sheds offer stylish, high-quality storage and protection solutions. Choose from flat and gable roof style sheds and a huge range of  shed sizes from small domestic units to large commercial and farm sheds.

Our Perth built steel shed can be used for various uses such as garages, warehouses, workshops, bicycle storage, prefab homes, agricultural storage, huts, shacks and more. We can meet any Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural or Residential application and can also be customised for unique solutions.

Due to our steel structures’ superior strength, versatility and simple design features, our steel structures offer an attractive and affordable building solution in Perth WA. Since our steel sheds are engineered, manufactured and sold directly to the customer it allows you to save time and get the best steel structure price from the start.
Our steel prefabricated sheds are preformed and predrilled. Easy for us to erect fast at your Perth site.

Our long history in steel shed installation package, combined with consistent factory procedures to maintain excellent quality has given us a proven track record of customer satisfaction.


  1. Pick from a range of modern steel shed colours.
  2. Choose from two attractive shed designs; the Gable Roof and Flat Roof.
  3. The choice of your shed:
    1. into concrete footings or
    2. onto concrete slab attachment.
  4. Available in a range of shed sizes and several wall heights.
  5. Massive large span gable sheds with endless non-standard length options.
  6. Select either roller doors or sliding doors.
  7. Complete the shed package deal with a range of shed accessories.
  8. We can provide the information to fast track your council approval.
  9. Designed and tested to comply with all relevant building standards.
  10. Gable roof sheds are built with strong and secure galvanised C-section metal frames.
  11. C-section purlins and girts provide additional strength and conceal all fasteners.
  12. Pre-cut sheeting and pre-cut and pre-punched framework for easy installation.
  13. Easy do-it-yourself construction with all the installation instructions provided.
  14. Qualified, experienced Perth shed installers that can build your shed.
  15. A range of payment options is available.
  16. Our steel sheds are a market-leading, quality product.


A wide range of accessories are available depending on the steel shed you choose. Shed accessories for sale that we install in Perth include shed windows, a personal access door, a coloured roof, shed skylights, spinning ventilators for sheds, internal box gutters and dust resistant foam strips to fill any gaps. The shed roller doors can be fitted with a remote controlled door opener.


We offer a complete steel shed package deal in Perth. The price of a new steel shed in Perth depends on:

  1. The size of the shed.
  2. The materials used such as:
    1. Colorbond
    2. Zincalume
    3. Steel thickness/amount of materials used.
    4. Shed accessories such as doors and windows.
    5. Shed floor
      1. Dirt
      2. Pavers
      3. Concrete slab.
      4. Other
    6. Complexity of shed design and therefore skilled shed installer hours worked.
  3. Phone for a price quote for the installation of a new steel shed in Perth. The shed price quoted will include the cost of the shed plus the shed installation price in Perth Western Australia.

Need a new driveway constructed to your new shed.

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